Cattery facilities and activities for your pet

During your cat's stay at Apple Blossom cattery, we aim to ensure they feel at home and that they enjoy their time with us.

As cat lovers ourselves and proud owners of three beautiful felines, we understand how important it is for your cat to feel loved, entertained and to have company, especially in the absence of their owner. We aim to keep your cat's routine as closely to their home one as possible, and follow your instructions with regard to the feeding and care of your cat.

We have most leading brands of wet and dry cat food available, or if your cat has special dietary requirements, you can provide your own food.

We can also administer any routine medication your pet may need - please provide all medicines, relevant equipment and instructions for care at the time of boarding. We also take details of your own registered vet. In the event of illness, we will try and ensure your pet is seen by their own vet, however in emergencies, we also have close links with two local veterinary surgeries who offer 24 hour services. We always act quickly in the event of any serious illness and ensure that your pet receives prompt care and attention.

We supply toys for your pet, but many owners find that their cat is happier and settles better if toys from home are brought along as well.

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